Cenk Çetin - Sleepless Every Night

full her to hugging while saw ı window from
laughable what had,laughin you were unto kissing while
this night your with let's be my life saying while
erased ı you that moment at my heart from
what was broke in me
years chain of from
died ı quasi living while
escaped ı instantly that scene from
my self found ı ı am working while this place at
decreases pains at probably more and more
sleepless every night this cold coffee at
mornings here at sometimes days along
my dreams to don't come for
sleepless every night,tired deadly
forget can ı,you tired be if ı every night
table at empty glasses
dirty plates
increasing in front of me wish not to finish morning until
burning not my hand anymore this boils waters
every tiredness at disappears pains

Cenk Çetin - Sleepless Every Night - Song Lyrics

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