John & Jason - Old Souls

John & Jason - Old Souls - Lyrics

This world is changing too fast for me to follow
I wish we could turn back time and have no worries ´bout tomorrow
But we can find a way out here, and it won´t be long
I´ll take you there, home where the old souls belong

I´m tired of reading and following the news
I try to turn my back and finally let loose
And it helps me for a while when I hear some old forgotten song
It opens my world back where the old souls belong

Never mind the people what they´re talking in the streets
Never mind the whole world ´cause it´s runnin´ out of reach
I can take you home through troubles and storms
Home where the old souls belong

People keep on telling me you´ve gotta go with the change
But somehow it feels so unfamiliar, to me it´s strange
Wish we could stop this madness, but we can´t do it alone
I think it´s best for both of us to go home where the old souls belong

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