Eitan Freilich - Paid in Full - Lyrics

She walks through the door
Of a jewelry store
Only nine years old, she’s sweet and pure
In the glass cases
A valuable bracelet
Just the gift that she’s been looking for

And she says
“I can pay,”
Spilling out a bag of change
“There’s a lot, hope it’s gonna be enough.”
And he says,
“You’ve got taste
It’s a perfect choice to make
It must be for someone that you really love.”

She says, “Yes, it’s for
Someone I adore
It’s my sister who
I owe my whole life to
When our parents died
She took me inside
And I’ve got to give her something really fine.”
He sweeps up the coins
Tears in his eyes
He wraps up the box
And waves her goodbye
Thinking to himself
Money is not all
With a love so rich
Your debt is paid in full

He isn’t surprised,
When the sister arrives,
She says, “I think there must be some mistake
My sister presented
A piece so expensive
Far more than a little girl could pay.”
And he says, “It’s okay,”
As he wipes a tear away
Little sister gave me something I had lost
Since my wife passed away
I haven’t felt quite like today
So I had to give her something in return.”

We are like that child
Seeking our desires
Turning to Hashem
Again and once again
אבינו מלכנו
We reach out to You
But we must admit
אין בנו מעשים
All that we can pay
Just a bit of change
Our teshuva’s not enough
But it’s done with love
Hashem above responds, He answers our call
“With a love so rich, your debt is paid in full”.

Eitan Freilich - Paid in Full - Lyrics

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