Akiavel - Witchcraft

Black Pearl
Akiavel - Witchcraft - Lyrics

I know your origin
Iron covered with seven colors
Sharpened by lightning during seven Fridays
Incensed with benzoin for seven nights

Believe my bewitching words!
All the meat you can swallow up
Chew it up!
All the blood you want
Suck it!
All the skin you covet
Tear it apart!
All the bones you drink with your eyes
Break them!
All the nerves you make run away
Cut them!
At each angle a talisman
At each bend a formula
Such is the man of defilement
Such is the husband who plays with promises

Believe my bewitching words!
This wild desire some days
To mix blood and wounds
To the contracted gestures of love
And perceive under the bites
Who perpetuate the taste of kissing
The sobs of the mistress, and her groans

Harsh desires not appeased
Of my dark cannibal ancestors
If you come here, transgress the forbidden
Enter his belly
And ravage the eyes, the liver
The heart, the virtue
Ask him to bow down

Believe my bewitching words!
Come to me life force
Torment spirit
Original spirit
I reach out to you
Who gradually emerge
From the darkness

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