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Confidentiality agreement:

Our website address is known as and

We do not want any information other than the information such as your e-mail, site name, nickname, which you enter while following or commenting on our website If you want more information other than this information, make sure that or is written in your browser's address bar.

Since our website can read the cookies of your personal devices, it will recognize you from the moment you enter the site and will remove your information again in the comment fields. Also, Google Adsense ads can be shown according to your interests. If you do not want advertisements based on your interests to appear and if you do not want your information such as your e-mail address, name, surname, nickname, site address to appear automatically in the comment field, you must clear your browser's cookies.

Currently, there is no member registration on our site, our site uses the blogger infrastructure, and you can optionally write a nickname, name, surname, e-mail address when you choose to follow and leave comments using only the blogger infrastructure. We promise that from the information you provide, your e-mail address, ip address, google analytics visit statistics will not be seen by third parties and this information will not be used for commercial purposes. In case of conflict, information is shared with legal authorities.

Our site provides links and routers to websites maintained by third parties. does not control the content of these sites and no guarantee is given by against any damages that may arise from the use of these sites.

If you want to contact us about our site: e-mail address: or you can reach us from the links of Contact, Facebook, twitter, youtube, as well as by using the e-mail and commenting feature under the posts on our site.

You can read this privacy policy in any language via translation.

It is reserved when the confidentiality agreement of our site will change. We assume that all guests and members visiting our site have read and accepted the confidentiality agreement.

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