Jacob Sellinger, Julia Lanfersieck, Matthew Draper, Ameena Mozaffar - We are the Middle East

Black Pearl

This one goes out to Pampel
Honors 4000
Let’s get this started

{First Stanza}
Let’s talk about the Middle East
Our Presence on the news only increased
Talk about a crisis with all that sophistry
So let’s dispel the mystery and give you our hist’ry
We’re crunched between Africa and Asia
That’s sixteen countries from Oman to Syria
We are holding two-thirds of all the world’s oil
We’re so hot, we control America’s “free-soil”
We’re the cradle of civilization - nation
States so big its a demonstration
And just to be clear, ‘cause we’re no authoritarians:
We are just a group of simple disciplinarians

{Second Stanza}
Speaking of demonstrations!
Let’s talk about women - Saudi relations (Awhh!)
You'd better listen! And Put on that hijab!
Or you’ll see a crackdown spree - end up like Amini!
Have a look at these demonstrators:
Round ‘em all up and label them traitors!
Talk about police brutality - we use brutal force
Did You hear that from a US source? Well of course!
But watch what you say it ain’t your culture
(Oh no!) Bet you can’t even place us on a map
Speaking of maps, let’s talk about taps
We turned ‘em down talk about US collapse
Biden begging please turn ‘em back on
Talk about a chemical phenomenon
But oh please! That fell through harder than Afghanistan
The worst American idea since the Ku Klux klan

{Third Stanza}
Talk ‘bout ideas, we had some good ones
Like hosting the World Cup in 2022

{Fourth Stanza}
Oh but look at that we banned alcohol
Go ahead and cry we’ll still play football

{Fifth Stanza}
In fact we’ll scoop up a few teams
Stealing your child’s dream and rip your athletes apart at the seams
Hit the griddy, because we own Manchester City
So go cry to the FIFA committee
But that's not all, we own Sheffield United
Next time you think of us - we’ll be delighted!
So perhaps you better start conforming
And just like us you’ll be performing

{Sixth Stanza}
End up on the world’s stage it’s our coming of age
But don’t fear just because our rise is near
Take a look how destructive your actions are
We might be rich but just look at Qatar
Supporting a little terrorism
Because of American expansionism
But we’re the gold medal rhymer on the podium
Cleanin’ you up like a simple Custodian (Wooo!)
So prepare for the Middle East cuz we’re coming in hot
When we rock the mic, we’re danger! Danger! Dangerous!
So go back down under with your crew
We just blew through you like a didgeridoo

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