Kanye West - Follow Me

Black Pearl
Kanye West - Follow Me - Lyrics

Waking up to the "I can't do this anymore"-text
The Bible said, I can't have anymore sex till marriage
And no drip till Paris
And the meat shall flourish
So where is my _
You wouldn't understand how thin this air is
How friends just starin'
Everyone's a Karen
Claimin' that they carin'
Wasn't given a fair hand
Gettin' calls from parents
Got calls for prayer rants
Step on the opposition, they're ants
Angels made a clearance
When you disobey that's their chance
Temptation at a mere glance
I forgot what fear is
Other than the fear of the almighty Yeshua
Who knew you before you knew who you was
Wear a DONDA-tee fore you respond to me
I know honestly they gone honor me
I know the headlines why she wanna leave
You know I follow God so you should follow me

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