​jenny nuo - ​it's always been you

Black Pearl
​jenny nuo - ​it's always been you - Lyrics

Oh, he's so special, he makes me feel so good
But you make me feel better, better than he ever could
Oh, I want you, but I want you to be happy
'Cause you deserve someone better than I ever was

If you're the one or something dumb or some tangled mess that's
Now undone, a zero sum game that I never should have won
I wish you happiness, the kind that you would give to mе
'Cause I'd give you evеrything, including all my misery
I hope if he proposes, you'll come by to stop my wedding
I hope if I confess to you that you won't see me sweating
I hope that you're the one, 'cause you're the only one i'ts ever been
It's always been you

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