Marc Jones - Glass Half Empty

Black Pearl
Marc Jones - Glass Half Empty - Lyrics

I gotta take a second just to breathe
Cos last year I went through a time
I was crying on my knees
And I thought I was a strong person
But even the strong feel weak
Like when Hulk ain't green
So I had to call out to the Lord
Either that or fall down on my sword
Paranoid like I'm running from the law
I ain't ever done squares but I'm feeling like a fraud
All cause the weight of the expectation
I was looking for a 5 star rating
I need some advice for this trip that I'm taking
In this life man you gotta have patience
Is there really a price if you're faking
I've seen man scream facts ‘bout a daydream
We all wanna be on that A-team
But you can't shoot your shot on safety
So I gotta find my own path
From a boy to a man is not a small task
Got a few stories like I'm Roald Dahl
But the giants ain't friendly where I'm from darg
So you gotta play the right cards
Have you ever been typecast?
If you knew the things I've done you might laugh
But in your own minds where it’s most harsh
That's where I'm at now
Wrestle with myself like it's Smackdown
I might rap but I much prefer the background
Wear my heart on my sleeve never back down
Still chasing these dreams make my fam proud
This year I've been struggling with stuff
But I still had blessings that were plenty
What good is money if you lose the ones you love
Is the glass half full or half empty?

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