Cooper! - What's Next

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Cooper! - What's Next

Cooper! - What's Next - Lyrics

{intro: cooper!}
Y'all forgot i could still rap
I’m here, right now
With syncere, yeah

{verse: cooper!}
Thousand dollar neck
God got my back
I ain’t ever had a threat
Pull up, i’m a champ
Nah, i ain’t talkin’ steph
But i am a warrior
Cut off all the fakes
So i am not a worrier
I don’t wanna worry her
Whip the civic like a foreign
Know i’m livin’ for the lord
I don’t want a life that’s borin’, yuh
Pull up to your show
It got me snorin’
Everytime i step outside
Wearin’ fits that got it pourin’, aye
Wanna live a life with no regret
Wanna live for life not for a check
Flyest rapper out, pay your respects
Future got me thinkin’, what’s next?
What’s next? hopped out on a plane
Now i’m flying lax, yuh
What’s next? said i need a feat
I hit chris over text, over text

{verse: christopher syncere}
I had my eyes on a shorty that’s servin’
And i went and got her
We gettin’ too old for you to be
Talkin’ all about my problems
Talk to me nice
Just a year ago, i was in the background
Now they puttin’ me in the light
Soon as they did, i learned that it’s bittersweet
I had to talk to kieran the light
Back then, was a shy guy
Now i’m strugglin’ with my pride
I go to sleep with my eyes wide
They won’t kill me in the night time
You can play me, these is chess moves
I’m mike jack with the dance moves
I’m mike phelps with the backstroke
It ain’t nothin’ that i can’t do
They pullin’ triggers online
They ain’t abiding in him
They been actin’ too political
That boy got biden in him
And i got a small team
But i don’t be ridin’ with them
Trauma been kickin’ my backside
But i don’t wanna be fightin’ with him
Imma be fightin’ my sin
Cause i don’t wanna go back
Back to my old ways, yeah
I was livin’ in a single parent home
Eatin’ off ramen and oj
And my girl really got me thinkin’
That there’s really such thing as a soulmate
They gon’ talk online
But never pull up to my door like postmates
Okay, ugh

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